The forgotten titles

“What’s your favourite book?… You probably loaned it out. You probably wish you were the person who hadn’t read it yet so you could experience it all over again. These become the forgotten titles”

But what happens when you cannot remember the title of one of your favourite books.

I have been an avid reader for most of my life and have read hundreds of books during this time. There are books that stayed with me and some that slowly fade away, but the ones that drive me mad are the books that stay with you but for some reason, you can never recall the title.

Being unable to recall the title of a book you love is like losing something dear to you. There are a few books that still to this day I cannot recall the names of. I have been through the Google search process and sites like in search of my elusive titles.

Today I am going to list (through descriptions) the novels I have loved and ‘lost’ and hopefully in this strange world, someone would have read the novel and will one day share the titles in the comments below.

1. Historical Romance – A west side story type scenery. A man lands up at a doctor’s house with amnesia and is wounded by a gunshot. The doctor treats the man and allows him to stay there until he recovers. The obvious plot is that they fall in love, until his memory starts to return and finds out he is running from something and he is not running alone. He was with his brother until they were separated so his new task is to find his brother.

I really liked this book. It had so much action, humour and love. It keeps me at the edge of my seat asking who the bad guy was and why he was after our hero?

2. Romance – I remember vividly that it was a Coltons novel but the title escapes me. The hero is from a rich family and his back home after being gone for so long. He returns to conflict and the main plot is around his relationship with the daughter of the house help. I can’t remember a lot of the story line but I remember how the two had so much chemistry and how much I loved them together but the hurt from both sides was keeping them apart.

3. Romance – I think this has to be one of my favourite forgotten titles. It follows the love story of the president’s daughter who is kidnaped, only to be returned because she was the wrong one. The heroine goes through the journey of finding herself and accepting that she may not be like her sister (the daughter the kidnappers wanted) but that she too is beautiful. This acceptance of herself allows her to truly accept the love of her bodyguard.

4. Historical/Mystery Romance – This one has to be the most interesting one, the main story line is about a man who rescues females who are being forced into marriage and helps them start a new life until something goes completely wrong and he tries rescuing a female who does not want to be rescued. The main romance story here is amazing but the secondary story about a mystery crime story gave me chills. This book was so amazing with

This book was so amazing with humour, action, mystery and most of all it has romance.

I could literally go on forever naming the stories I have read in hopes that someone has read it too and by some miracle know the title of the book.

What plot do you remember loving but can never remember the title?

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