Where it all began…

Which book made me a reader? Avid readers all have that one book that triggered their love affair with reading. I am sure you can recall that moment when you sat in complete awe, not quite sure of what just happened… Although Winter’s Heat was my first romance novel, the book that got me to that point will always be The Pigman.

The Pigman was a prescribed book when I was in high school (grade 8) and was, therefore, something I HAD to read. The moment I sat down to read, I was not hooked from page one and was completely convinced I was going to hate the book. because I was forced to read the whole book, I summoned all my strength to focus and forced myself to continue reading and as the book progressed I started enjoying it. I enjoyed the sense of humour from the main characters. I so vividly remember laughing at John and Lorraine. I am paraphrasing my favourite dialogue

“John: There is no food in the house.

Lorraine: There is a lot of food here. Spaghetti, tomatoes etc.

John: That’s’ not food, those are ingredients”

I laugh every time I think of that scene.

Now that I think about it; The Pigman would have been the book that cracked the door open for me in terms of a romance novel. I recall revisiting the moment John kissed Lorraine and remember how happy that made me feel. Even though I loved the book, I have never brought myself to reading it again. The book created a snowball effect in my head and made me want to read more. but I’m not sure if it was good enough for me to fall in love with it.

I will forever be grateful to The Pigman for starting me on what I call the greatest journey. With all the books I’ve read I’ve learnt a lot and have lived a million lives.

What book started your book loving journey?

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