2017 Goals and Planning… Lets’ make the most of it

After what could have been one of the strangest years (2016), I am super excited about 2017 and taking ownership of my life. My life so far has been about setting and building what I call the base:

  • Study so you can get good grades for university
  • Study hard at university to get good grades for a good job
  • Work hard as an intern to become a permanent employee
  • Work hard to become a manager so you can buy a house

After 26 years I have done all the above and I am proud of my accomplishments. When I think about it, it’s always been about what society deems as the right thing to do: get a stable job and have 2.5 kids.

In 2017, I am taking on a different stance. Instead of thinking about next steps and I will actively have to do what it takes to build the lifestyle I want to have. I will use 2017 at the gateway to becoming the person I want to be.

When I think of the future, this is what I see:

  1. I own a marketing company that will focus on helping entrepreneurs that cannot afford to pay a lot of money for marketing.
  2. The annual GirlCode Hackathon becomes a big and recognised Hackathon for females.
  3. I am healthy and active. (Slow and steady wins the race)
  4. I have built a stronger relationship with GOD. I am an active member at church and I am very active in my prayers.
  5. In debt ⇒ Financially stable ⇒ Financial freedom

The above goals are just a glimpse of the lifestyle I envision for myself. The difference between this year and 2016 is that last year was more of a tick box exercise. This time the goals are not a destination but a milestone because if you look at the goals carefully they do not stop once I have reached them.

The reason I am sharing these goals now instead of when I had written them, was that I wanted them to sink in first. I wanted to visualise the life I want and to pray about what I wanted to achieve. In other words, I wanted a gap period where I could assess what would work or not work for me).

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