The millennials

I have never really thought about the fact that I was a millennial until this week.

I’ve been invited to speak at 2016 Leading Women Summit and reading how intimidating that sound you should know I am a nervous wreck. Yes, I am excited but the excitement is hidden deep underneath all the paralysing fear.

Forbes womenThe Leading Women Summit is hosted by Africa Forbes Women, Yes I am talking about FORBES. Now you know why I am so nervous. But you’re most likely wondering why me?

My first answer would be I have no idea…

My next try would be I have been greatly favoured by God…

The second part is correct and I am favoured in the work I do that is why I was invited.

I am boring, my whole life has been about studying and getting a good job, but nobody tells you what to do after that. I have an Honours Degree in Marketing Management and I have a good job but then what happens next?

Are you supposed to work in that job until you die? Well the millennial in me woke up last year and said hell to the No. A job is not enough, I want more.

That’s when I started doing things outside of what the average person would do. I started working on items outside my day job. I call them my night jobs 🙂

I am currently a Director of Marketing at the Cortex Hub which is an NPO that wants to expose young and ambitious entrepreneurs to a tech-space that allows them to generate ideas and create value. The Cortex Hub is a technology incubator and accelerator and we aim to do two things:

  • Help young entrepreneurs build something that people want;
  • Help those entrepreneurs build great teams and great businesses that can help those technologies scale.

It’s all about helping the youth accelerate their dreams and also The Cortex Hub allows the entrepreneurs to think bigger than just their environments but to aim for dreams that n to pursue what would seem impossible.

I am part of a team that runs The Cortex Hub, making sure that we help the applicants start their businesses. I focus mainly on marketing the Cortex Hub itself and teaching the applicants new ways to market without a corporate budget.

The next project I started on I was a little reluctant, mostly because of my lack of understanding. You see I work for an IT company but I knew nothing about it until I was exposed to the environment. I had little understanding when it came to programming and what it can do. [I have a new found respect for programmers everywhere].

A friend of mine hosted Hackathons in August and I would help at a very minimal level and that would be the end of it. In the process of getting girls to join the hackathon, it was realised that the number of females in this industry was shockingly low. It was then that we realised that GirlCode can grow beyond just the hackathons to a platform to engage women in tech and encourage others to join in on the tech revolution. We have added so many more activities to what we do, it’s no longer just a hackathon. We are working on building and equipping tomorrow’s leaders. (Click here to view our initiatives).

Our greatness pride and what we are working tirelessly to make perfect is our GirlCoder program that is aimed at teaching underprivileged girls programming skills. This program will help (in its small way) bridge the gender gap in the STEM field. By giving the girls this exposure and skill we are encouraging them to get into the IT Industry.

My dreams are to empower people to do better and be better.

Leave a comment below on the what your dreams are and what characteristic makes you an obvious millennial.

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